Thank You Howie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very generous man named Howie dropped off a big box full of socks, in fact, 66 pairs of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My parents and I were very moved by this kind act.

Thank You Howie for all your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are making a difference in the world by inspiring me and helping many people who are going to receive the socks!!!!!!!!!!!

Beldens Howie

thank you Howie

2 thoughts on “Thank You Howie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jer,you and grandma are very welcome By the way my dog’s name is Jerry. what was Peace Camp all about? If your wondering what Howiewood is about, I’m a cabinetmaker it’s a play on words[hollywood] Anyways keep going’ dude…… Howie

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